Imagine a stage with a full marimba orchestra, a choir interspersed among the marimbas, and an aerial dance group soaring overhead. Metamorphosis, an innovative new work by Randy McIntosh, joins three arts organizations ~ Kutandara Marimba ExperienceThe Boulder Chorale and Frequent Flyers® Aerial Dance ~ to tell a powerful story of crisis, hope, and renewal.

I’m Randy McIntosh, Music Director of Kutandara Marimba Experience and the composer of Metamorphosis. This work was inspired by our community’s response to the suicide of my best friend’s 16-year-old son, Jesse Simon. This work is in his memory and is a celebration of how his family and community stood together and picked up the pieces to not only move on, but to make the world a better place.


The musical story of the journey of this community from unimaginable sadness to a place of hope is told through the life cycle of the butterfly, experiencing pain and transformation, emerging stronger and more beautiful than it was before, but always with the knowledge that life is short and to be treasured.

 features teenage performers alongside adults. The composition had its genesis in a teen suicide, and performing together with teens brings power to the message of hope that Metamorphosis shares. Three suicide awareness and prevention organizations are collaborating with us in support of this event ~ Second Wind Fund of Boulder CountyColie’s Closet, and HOPE Coalition.


Metamorphosis celebrates hope, grace, humanity, and the ecstatic nature that we all share in the moment. It is a memorial to those life-changing times that teach us that the moment is all we have.

We look forward to seeing you for this special event at The Dairy Center for the Arts in April!